2 in 1 Laser Pointers

2 in 1 laser pointers,as the name suggests, are those lasers that have two different functions in one body. there are two main 2 in 1 laser pointers: One laser have two colors , one Laser have two light style .

One Laser have Two Colors

This is an interesting laser pointer. They have two different color beams. This type of laser pointer has a built-in excellent laser diode that can emit two different wavelength beams. Green beams and red beams are the most common. This two-in-one laser is very popular all over the world.

One Laser have Two Light Style

This type of laser pointer comes with an additional starry sky pattern lens. By installing this lens on the head of the laser pointer, the laser pointer transforms into a very beautiful starry sky style through the pattern on the lens. This two-in-one laser pointer is usually used for parties. They are very suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere!

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