Ultra Powerful 3000mW Laser Pointer that Burns at a Distance


Material:Aluminum Alloy
Body Color :black
Output Power :30000mW
Wavelength : 445nm
Light Color : Bleu
Availability: IN STOCK
Average Customer Review: 55 ratings  4.94 out of 5 stars
Power 50000mw / 50W
Class: 4
Laser color Blue
Wavelength 445nm
Material Stainless steel
Expected lifespan: 6000 hours
Laser divergence: 2.8 mRad
Emission distance 10km-20km
Burning Yes
Dimmable Yes
Waterproof Yes
Focus Adjustable
Multi-mode Low power, half power, strobe, full power, emergency SOS
IP protection index IP65
Battery 2 * 26650
Dimensions 246 mm * 32 mm
Weight 1491 g
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA
Guarantee 1 year
Functions Burn balloons, garbage bags, cigarettes, matches etc. Burn an object, send a signal in the forest
Warning This laser should never come into direct contact with the eyes. 30 seconds of use should follow a few seconds of rest for the product.
The laser is strictly prohibited to shoot at human beings or animals, vehicles, airplanes and other means of transport, flammable and explosive products.Do not use it in prohibited laser occasions or in public without permission .




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