Powerful 1000mw Red Laser Pointer Professional


Power: 1000mw
Class: IV
Laser Color: Blue
Wavelength: 445nm - 450nm
Size: 360mm * 38mm * 33mm
Weight: 700g

Powerful 1000mw Red Laser Pointer Professional is regarded as a magnate of the 650nm laser diode technology. It brings the most powerful output power and most visible beam in various operation works. This innovative design red laser provides the most stable and reliable pointing in medical treatment, scientific research, laboratory experiment and military targeting etc.

● High standard design with FDA approval.

This FDA standard designed 650nm portable red laser pointer 1000mW utilizes dual powerful switch key and remote connector key to achieve the most secured operation. This powerful 1000mW red laser is only operable for non-commercial use.

● Battery operated laser for stable performance.

This lithium battery operated portable laser is powered by 1 pc 18650 battery to achieve the powerful pointing in work. Its inner thermal control system assures temperature stabilization in constant operation.

● Featured laser with high reliability and stability.

High power 1000mW red laser pointer utilizes the best crystal and laser diode to achieve the highest stability in continuous operation. This low divergence red laser has a superior long serving life of more than 5000 hours.

Technical Specifications

Power 1000mw, 3000mw
Class IV
Laser Color Blue
Wavelength 445nm – 450nm
Size 360mm * 38mm * 33mm
Weight 700g
Material Aviation Hard Aluminum
Finish Black (high-grade)
Beam Divergence 1.5mRad
Beam Shape 2mm X 5mm
Switch Light Touch Switch
Modes Momentary, Strobe and Continuous Wave
Focus Adjustable
Beam Distance 15,000m-20,000 Meters
Power Supply 2*26650 OR 2*18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Working Temperature 30°F ~ 86°F
Storage Temperature 14°F ~ 104°F
Expected Lifetime >5,000 hours
Warranty One Year

Powerful 1000mw Red Laser Pointer Professional
Powerful 1000mw Red Laser Professional
1000mw Red Laser Pointer
Powerful 1000mw Red Laser Pointer Professional
1000mw Red Laser P
Powerful 1000mw Red Laser

Packing list

* 1X Blue Laser Pointer
* 5X Laser Head Caps
* 2X 26650 Rechargeable Batteries
* 1X Battery Charger
* 1X Laser Goggles
* 1X Manuals
* 1X Explosion-proof high-grade Aluminum Box


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