High Powerful 4000mw Blue Laser Pointer Long Range 30km Distance


Power: 4000mw / 4W
Laser Color: Blue
Wavelength: 445nm
Material: 6061 aircraft aluminum
Expected life: 6000-8000 hours
Laser divergence: Less than 2.2mRad
Emitting distance: 10km-30km

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Power 50000mw / 50W
Class: 4
Laser color Blue
Wavelength 445nm
Material Aircraft aluminum 6061
Expected lifespan: 6000-8000 hours
Laser divergence: Less than 2.2mRad
Emission distance 10km-30km
Burning Yes
Dimmable Yes
IP Classification IP65
Focus mode Adjustable
Cooling method Twelve metal bars and integrated temperature control chip
Operating voltage DC 7.0V
Battery 2 * 18650
Dimensions 42 x 208 mm
Weight 1312 g
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA
Guarantee 1 year
Functions Burn balloons, garbage bags, cigarettes, matches etc. Burn an object, send a signal in the forest
Attention This laser should never come into direct contact with the eyes. 30 seconds of use must follow a few seconds of rest for the product.
The laser is strictly prohibited to shoot at human beings or animals, vehicles, airplanes and other means of transport, flammable and explosive products.Do not use it in prohibited laser occasions or in public without permission .

4000mw High Powerful Laser Pointer Features :

* 1000-5000m transmission distance(Depending on the size of the power)
* Be equipped with 2 18650 battery, chargeable and durable
* 4000mw Blue Laser Pointer is made of yellow copper, high-end and exquisite
* Generating red laser beam that is clearly visible and full of energy
* Switch with tail touch settings, the use of more convenient and user friendly
* Be used to burn matches, cigarettes, paper, stuff, make a fire or driving beast in outdoor activities
* Our products are the most authoritative and most regular, Free Shipping, 30-day Return Policy, 12-month Warranty

Take the opportunity to try this sharp eagle High Powerful 4000mw Blue Laser Pointer waterproof single point laser pointer! Although it is so thin in size, it actually has a fantastic effect. Very suitable for speech, presentation, teaching or other applications, the laser pointer could point exactly at any desired target for a clearer indication. Adopting high-quality aluminum housing, it has good durability and high strength. It also has excellent sealing performance. In addition, this laser pointer, apart from its own function, is also used to cut A4 paper or to light matches or cigarettes. Is it practical and powerful?


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