6000mW 6W High Powerful Blue Laser Pointer Laser Flashlight, Cigarette Lighter, Candle, Black Hunt


Output power: 6000mW
Wavelength: 445-450 nm Blue
Maximum range: 2000 meters
Useful life of diode: 5000-8000 hours
Focus Mode: Adjustable (head rotation)
IP classification: IP65
Housing material: Aluminum
Availability: IN STOCK
Output power 6000mW
Wavelength 445-450 nm Blue
Maximum range 2000 meters
Useful life of the diode 5000-8000 hours
Laser divergence 2.0mRad
Exit mode CW
Point size Φ20mm from 15 meters
Focus mode Adjustable (head rotation)
IP Classification IP65
Housing material Aluminum
Surface treatment Polished metal treatment and gold plated surface
Switch The on / off switch at the bottom
Laser class Class 4
Electronic protection Temperature control chip, circuit protections
Power supply 2 x 26650 batteries
Warm-up time ≤ 2 seconds
Operating current 1800mA
Operating voltage DC 7.4V
Operating temperature 0 ℃ – 55 ℃
Net weight 250 g
Dimensions 27 x 210 mm
Warranty period 1 year
Applications: Military, Medical, Hot Objects, Laser Experience

6000mW Powerful Blue Laser Pointer Introduction:

The 6000mw laser pointer Blue is the world’s most powerful invisible beam near infrared diode laser. You can use it to light a cigarette or a paper by adjusting its focus. You can get excellent 6000mw laser pointers with Laser Pointers from

This 6W Blue Laser Pointer It generates a starry blue beam with extreme brightness to create various visual atmospheres, sky pointing, lighting or other professional uses. The high quality aluminum alloy housing is strong and durable. Moreover, it is built with a rechargeable battery, allowing you to charge the pen easily with the universal charger. It has low power consumption and long battery life. Click and order now! It is surely worth your investment!


  • Solid pure copper case, reliable and durable
  • Emit 6000mW high power laser beam full of energy
  • You can use it to light a cigarette or paper by adjusting its focus
  • Contemporary sleek design
  • Low power consumption, use two 18650 batteries to provide long hours of continuous run time
  • Attached with a battery charger, a pair of glasses and a gift box


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