200mW Laser Pointer 851 Professional


Output power: 200mW
Wavelength: 650nm (red)
Maximum range: 3000M
Useful life of diode: 6000-8000 hours
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output power 200mW
wavelength 650nm (red)
Maximum range 3000M
The service life of the diode 6000-8000 hours
Laser divergence 2.0 Millrad
Focus mode Adjustable (head rotation)
Waterproof rating IPX5
Beam diameter 1.50mm @ opening
building materials Aviation aluminum
Lighting style: Starry sky
Transition switch on the bottom of the laser
Laser class Level 3B
Circuit protection Reverse polarity protection, the circuit will automatically shut down at a given temperature</span >
Power 1 x 16340 battery
Working voltage DC 3.7V
Working temperature -10℃-60℃
aspects 112 mm * 20 mm
Net weight 344 grams
Warranty period 1 year
Application: Military, medical, thermal objects, laser experience

Introduction to 200mw high-power red laser pointer:

Laser Color

Red, Blue, Greed


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