High Powerful Laser Pointer

The relationship between laser pointer color and wavelength

Color Frequency Wavelength
violet 668 – 789 THz 380-450nm
blue 631 – 668 THz 450-475nm
cyan 606 – 630 THz 476-495nm
green 526 – 606 THz 495-570nm
yellow 508 – 526 THz 570-590nm
orange 484 – 508 THz 590-620nm
red 400 – 484 THz 620-750nm

What is laser pointer?

What is laser pointer?  The laser pointer is just laser transmitter, just like we used to play with infrared toys when we were young, just like an infrared sight. Laser colors include red, green and blue. When you open it, it will project a bright spot or light and point to the object.

Laser Pen principle

The laser pointer has red, green, blue, and purple light; different beam colors represent the colors emitted by lasers of different wavelengths. For red light: a solid-state diode pumped laser with a wavelength of 671 nm. For yellow light: The wavelength is 593.5 nm. Green light: 808nm infrared laser is used. For blue light: This is a 473nm blue laser manufactured by DPSS. Violet: Blue-violet laser diode with a wavelength of 405nm is used, which is a semiconductor laser and is close to the ultraviolet band.

Use of laser pointer

Laser pointer can be a pointing tool. You can use its characteristics to indicate distant objects, such as measuring distance, indicating ppt,teaching , slides,House sale,astronomical,Adventure,stage performance,Funny cat. Some powerful laser pointers can even light cigarettes, light candles, burn cardboard boxes, burn balloons, etc.

Things to remember:

  1. The human eye is extremely sensitive to laser radiation.
  2. Stronger laser exposure can cause severe and permanent vision loss.
  3. The laser pointer beam can cause vision loss, which may not be permanent, but may last for months.
  4. The treatment of laser retinal damage is very limited, so prevention is the key.
  5. With the increasing use of lasers in homes and workplaces, education should focus on not using beams to dazzle or harass others, and keep these lasers away from young children even for short periods of time.

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